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    WeldCor Supplies Inc. has come together with other Western Canadian companies in providing essential supplies to our front line medical relief workers.  Staying strong together!

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    Online shop now live - consumer direct supplier for welding materials, equipment, and general supplies.

Downloadable Product Catalogue

WeldCor Supplies Inc. Product Catalogue Third Edition: 2016       …


Aluminum alloys are available in a variety of forms.  It is notorious…

Cobalt Alloys

Cobalt alloys are the most commonly used wear resistant hardfacing mat…


Copper and copper alloys are used in a wide range of applications.  T…


Hardbanding is derived from the application of hardfacing on drill pip…

Mild & Low Alloy

When the necessary precautions are taken to avoid defects, Mild and Lo…

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WeldCor Supplies Inc. is an independent, consumer direct supplier for welding materials, equipment and general supplies. With warehouse locations across Canada and the United States, WeldCor is able to provide product and services of the highest quality and consistency to multiple industries.


In today's market, welding distributors have needed to supply quality products with reputable service.  While this is beneficial to the consumer, it also results in inflated product costs.  At WeldCor Supplies Inc. we are able to offer a wide range of quality products with outstanding service at discounted rates by selling wholesale direct to our customers.

WeldCor Supplies Inc. prides itself on maintaining its level of Customer Service Excellence, while offering Quality Products at Reduced Prices.