The width of the cut produced during a cutting process. See Figure C-11.


    A technique in which a concentrated heat source penetrates partially or completely through a workpiece, forming a hole (keyhole) at the leading edge of the weld pool. As the heat source progresses, the molten metal fills in behind the hole to form the weld bead. See PLASMA ARC WELDING. 


    A nonstandard term for MECHANICAL BOND.


    A reactance or choke coil. 


    Molten steel which has been held in a ladle, furnace, or crucible (and usually treated with manganese, silicon or aluminum) until no more gas is evolved and the metal is perfectly quiet. 

  • KILO

    A unit equal to 1000; a prefix placed before a word to indicate 1000times that word. 


    One thousand amperes. 


    One thousand volts. 


    (Abbreviation: kVA.) A measure of apparent electrical power made up of two components, an energy component and a watt-less or induction component.

    Primarily considered as apparent power. Kilovolt-ampere and kilowatt are the same when the current and voltage are in phase, i.e., when the power factor is one. 


    (Abbreviation: kW). One thousand watts. A watt is a unit of measure of electrical power available for work. This is real power as indicated by a wattmeter. One kilowatt is about equal to 1-1/3 mechanical horse- power.

     kW = kVA x power factor. 


    (Abbreviation: kWh). Volume of work equivalent to the consumption of one kilowatt for one hour. Electric power is measured and sold by the kilowatt hour. 


    A form of resistance spot welding, similar to projection welding, patented in 1898. A common application of the Kleinschmidt Process is in joining large pieces of thin metal. The sheets are prepared with raised sections, or projections, to localize the low of current, and pointed copper electrodes are used. Machines used in this type of application must provide for the exertion of heavy pressure on the electrodes after the metal is heated to the welding point. See RESISTANCE WELDING. 

  • KNEE

    The supporting structure of the lower arm in a resistance welding machine. 

  • KSI

    A term which indicates 1000 psi in describing tensile strength: 10ksi = 10000 psi. 

  • kVA

    Abbreviation for kilovolt-ampere. 

  • kW

    Abbreviation for kilowatt. 

  • kWh

    Abbreviation for kilowatt hour.