A star connection; the joining together of one end of each phase of a three-phase electrical machine. 


    Common brass usually containing about 70%copper and 30 % zinc. See COPPER ALLOY WELDING.


    The load in Pascals (pounds per square inch) at which an increase in deformation occurs and increases without an increase in load during a tensile test. Only a few materials have a specific yield point; steel is one of these materials.


    The stress level at which metal exhibits a specified elongation under load or deviation from proportionate reaction to stress and strain. Yield strengitsh t he stress level, expressed in Pascals (pounds per square inch), at which a material exhibits a specific limiting permanent set.


    A rod-like crystal medium that emits coherent radiation by stimulated electronic or molecular transitions to lower energy levels. It is used with neodymium (Nd-YAG) in laser beam welding, cutting and related processes. See LASER BEAM WELDING.


    (Chemical symbol: Yt)A. rare earth. Yttriumis a silvery metallic element that is used in thermal spraying processes, and is of strategic value in high-temperature alloys. It is added to magnesium and aluminum alloys to increase strength. Atomic number, 39; atomic weight 88.92, density 5.51 g/cm3 (0.199 Ib/in3), with a melting point of approximately 1538°C (2800°F).