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We are very excited to be launching our new homepage!  Other than the obvious new design and layout, there are many new additions to the page to make navigation easier and more efficient. 

Our new online Product catalogue offers easy navigation, with a search bar options to assist in finding specific products.  As you browse through the Product Catalogue, you will see that we have uploaded information specific to each product to make your selection process easier.  Also newly launched is our RFQ (Request for Quote) cart that allows users browsing the Product Catalogue to add products, with size and quantity, without loosing your spot.  To speed up the submission process, there is also a Member Registration option that will store all of your company's information for future requests.

We are currently working on getting all Technical Information up and online in one location to add an extra level of support to our valued customers.    Also in development, is an online Encyclopedia filled with industry specific terms and phrases!

Please keep checking in to see what's new and exciting with our company, and in the industries that matter most to you.