A few weeks ago WeldCor Supplies Inc read an article about a teacher at a Northern Canadian community school doing crowdfunding to raise enough money for their students to build a greenhouse so that they could grow food locally and not have to rely solely on "imported" fresh vegetables. A noble cause in a very harsh environment.

When WeldCor staff read this, it was determined that this would be a great cause to support. Rather than giving to the crowdfunding, WeldCor bought 2 greenhouses and donated them to these industrious students, so that the money raised through crowdfunding could then be used build a heating system and other ancillary items.

As a small company, WeldCor would like to challenge other small companies to look to their communities to see how they can help on a local/municipal level.

Leroy Billesberger, president of WeldCor supplies:

“Who knows... maybe one of these students will become the next northern climate horticultural Einstein"...

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