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MetalTec 9000

MetalTec 9000 has been designed as a complete polymeric repair system for restoring damaged sections of concrete to "better than new" condition. A single unit contains all the necessary tools and polymeric compound to complete a permanent repair. It offers outstanding compressive and tensile strengths and is up to four times stronger than regular concrete. Once applied, it forms a chemically tight bond that can be ready for use in about 10 hours. When all the components are mixed, MetalTec 9000 has the consistency of a thick mortar. Deposits are non-shrinking and can be applied in various thicknesses from a feathered edge up to 4.5 inches thick. The special polymer chemistry, together with the triple washed silica quartz filler, provides an extremely hard abrasion resistant surface that is also highly resistant to acids, alkalis, detergents, gasoline, motor oils, de-icing chemicals and solvents.

Typical Deposit Characteristics
Compressive Strength 15000 psi
Typical Application Properties**
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MetalTec Cerbide

Super Wearing Abrasion Resistance Compound A unique composite formulation of various sized ceramic fibers and carbide chips resulting in a tightly packed super abrasion resistant coating. For equipment that handles materials 1/16" (1.6mm) or larger. MetalTec Cerbide may be used in any position. It does not slump or sag and may be applied up to 1"(25mm) thick vertically and 1/2"(12mm) thick overhead without the use of expanded metal reinforcement. Due to its handling characteristics, MetalTec Cerbide generally cannot be applied in thickness less than 3/16"(5.0mm).

Typical Deposit Characteristics
Adhesive Strength 3000 psi
Compressive Strength 16500 psi
Typical Weld Deposit Properties**
Machinability Deposits cannot be machined
Weld Deposit Properties Shore D Hardness-98
Typical Application Properties**
Feed chutes and liners