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Tuffband® NC

Postalloy® Tuffband® NC is a high hardness hardband that may be used by itself for casing friendly hardband applications or used as a weld matrix with Tungsten Carbide (WC) when casing protection is not a factor.  Ideal for Sour Gas Service Environments.

Typical Weld Deposit Properties**
Gas Flow cfh (l/hr) 32 - 37 CFH (Typical 35 CFH)
Voltage (DCRP) volts 29 - 33 (Typical 30)
Current amps 300 - 380 (Typical 330)

Duraband® NC

DURABAND® NC microstructure consists of a hard, but tough tool steel matrix with a high volume of tightly packed microconstituents.  This combination ensures excellent wear resistance in open hole drilling as well as being CASING FRIENDLY. Typical hardness values of 57-60Rc can be expected when applied to new tools or properly rebuilt joints. Deposits are smooth and free of any slag.  DURABAND® NC can be applied over itself and over TUFFBAND® NC without removal, but only if the surface has been properly cleaned and inspected. DURABAND® NC can be applied over some competitive products without removal.

Typical Weld Deposit Properties**
Gas Flow cfh (l/hr) 35 CFH 16.5 LPM
Voltage (DCRP) volts 30
Current amps 320


Standard Tungsten Carbide